Brainstorming Techniques For Writing Essays

Brainstorming Techniques For Writing Essays

Before writing and planning, organize your thoughts by forming an outline. Before you begin writing your paper or essay, get in the habit of doing a prewriting exercise. Some of the brainstorming exercises below may help if you suffer from writer’s block. These methods can only go so far on their own. Before writing a research paper, make sure to do preliminary research. We discuss the brainstorming techniques for writing essays.

Effective Brainstorming Techniques

When you were in primary school, you have most likely been taught to think of several ways to write papers. Even while brainstorming may seem useless at first, it works. Some strategies may work better for various learners, but here are some suggestions that may help you think of more creative ideas regardless of your preferred learning style.


Procrastination may be accomplished while reading, but it can also serve as a motivating factor for the writing process. Whenever you have completed a chapter or essay, jot down some ideas about what you have read. Using this strategy helps you motivate yourself to start writing or continue until you’ve finished your piece.


When you come up with a bunch of ideas, it is called brainstorming or listing. While freewriting involves allowing thoughts and phrases to flow, this method asks the writer to capture just pictures and words. The notion that nothing is too absurd or trivial is something you get to utilise in this assignment, which requires you to generate many ideas rapidly. For the sake of this discussion, let us suppose you’ve been assigned the subject of advertising. As a result, the field of this particular subject is wide-ranging. Let’s say, for example, I want to write a list of terms and concepts connected to advertising.


Freewriting is writing for the sake of writing. When you’re unable to come up with a good idea, attempt to relax for a few minutes and focus on a blank sheet of paper with a pen in hand. If you have anything to say about your article or subject, then go ahead and write about it. In other words, do not raise your writing utensil. Do not stop writing, even if your time is over. An example of how these method works are shown below:


There is no need to explain terms already widely known to the public, but looking into the definitions and origins of a word may illuminate your subject. This is an example from Shakespeare’s work: One of his plays is named Much Ado About Nothing. We might look into the meaning of “nothing” throughout the early modern era to address this issue. Shakespeare is making a dirty sexual joke and musing on how everything was created from nothing.


Keep a running list of the many contrasts, parallels, oppositions, and analogies you find. In other words, use antidepressants as an example. A difference between medication and poison may set things off. To help us think about this comparison, it is worth remembering that medicines may also be poisons. Studies have shown that antidepressants have many undesirable side effects (insomnia, weight gain, nausea, etc.). Thus, antidepressants may be given more often than recommended.