The advantages of working in the office over working remotely

Working remotely had been a privilege of a rather small group of people and did not seem to be a real job. Indeed, you will hardly meet a person who did not dream of working remotely imagining how he or she will be lying on the beach with a cocktail and a laptop. Even the most extrovert people who absolutely enjoy working with other people still found remote working extremely attractive.

Yet, the pandemic made remote jobs more real and many people who have never thought about an opportunity of working remotely delved into this form of occupation. It turned out that working in the office still has a number of advantages and many people found them more attractive than working remotely.

Working in the office has an understandable time frame

One of the most crucial aspects of working in the office is the fact this form of occupation allows people understand their working hours better.

First of all, many employers are now confused about organising the working hours of their employees. Some of them have an illusion of being able to demand more flexibility from their employees just because now they do not have to come to the office in order to work. While some workers are able to put some boundaries on their working hours, with some managers it seems impossible. As a result, some people working from home now have to be available for completing various tasks at absolutely any time of the day. Needless to say, this can turn the day of such employees into absolute chaos and make them feel as if they are living at work.

In addition to it, there is a psychological factor true for all of the employees regardless of the level of understanding of their employers. Working from home just does not give people a feeling of finishing their work tasks which usually happens once one gets out of the office. For the people working remotely, there is simply no division between home and work. This usually results in overworking even if no one expects them to do so.

No need to organise and equip one’s own working space

Certainly, this is one of the greatest positive sides of working in the office.

When people were sent home to work remotely, it suddenly turned out that the majority of them do not have possibilities for organising their working space. Many of these employees lack basic space at home for setting a desk with a computer. Others do not have financial opportunities for purchasing this furniture as well as electronic devices necessary for work. Of course, for many occupations equipment goes beyond a mere computer and smartphone. Many employees also need scanners, printers and a whole bunch of other devices in order to be able to complete their work.

Organisation of a work space becomes even more challenging if a person does not live alone. You can easily imagine it is a way easier to deal with such things once your employer creates a work space for you.

All of the materials required for work are at hand

Certainly, despite all of the digitalisation of the modern world, many people still heavily rely on paper documents and other materials which can be necessary for completing some of the work tasks. If this is your situation, you will have to travel from office to work anytime you need some documents which is certainly not convenient. In such a case, even though in theory one does not have to spend time of travelling to work, this is still an inevitable part of work.

More understanding from the people with whom you live together

Unfortunately, many people have a trouble of understanding of the way remote work is functioning and they cannot get it when a person working from home tells them he or she cannot just leave work at any moment in order to do some other tasks. This can be rather annoying and cause a lot of trouble to the person who is working remotely.

In addition to it, your family might not respect your working space or even be absolutely incapable of it for example because of the age. They might distract you from work even if there is a serious meeting is going on right now. One can really have a hard time trying to explain such things to other people who have never had an experience of working at home.

A possibility of focusing better

Even if there are no people around you who are doing everything to make you stop working, you can easily get distracted on your own. Being all alone with your computer and the Internet can give you a lot of opportunities of getting distracted let alone all of the things surrounding you at home as well as a possibility of having an unlimited break for lunch or a possibility to make a cup of coffee every five minutes.

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  1. In my opinion, working from home is also more boring. Talking during breaks or socializing makes work nicer

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