Popular believes that do not allow you to create art

Art is a necessary part of lives of many people. There are many individuals who love creating art. A part of them are lucky enough to being able to convert this amazing activity into their source of income and for others creativity has become a major job. Still, it does not matter if you are one of these professionals or you are an amateur, you should know about these popular believes which do not allow people to develop their creativity and move towards their art goals.

Creating art without inspiration is impossible

In all likelihood, one of the most common believes about art is that it is impossible without inspiration. Indeed, it seems like writing a unique book that everyone will remember is impossible without this particular state of mind.

At the same time, inspiration has a rather fragile nature and it also comes to us very unexpectedly. It turns out, many prominent writers whose works are keeping us so engaged, do not rely on inspiration at all. It is never known when it comes, however, it is more possible you feel inspiration once you are already in the process of creation rather will be waiting for this unique moment to enter your life.

Consistency is also important for your art works and it is better to spend some time learning and practising writing without any inspiration rather than waste your time in expectation for something fantastic to happen to you.

Art should be created everyday

If you look through the writing routings of the most prominent authors, you might feel very discouraged about your own writing experience, especially if you have to combine this activity with other responsibilities. Indeed, some writers wake up almost in the middle of a night and write for six hours straight without a break. Not everyone can afford anything such.

At the same time, if you are one of the people who is struggling to find spare time for your passion and you are also bombarded by a feeling of guilt for not working on your writings enough, you can finally feel like this activity does not have any sense whatsoever and you should give up.

This is exactly where the detrimental effect of such perfectionism lies and you should do your best to keep it at bay. Everyone is a human being and it is natural you might not be able to work as much you as you wish. It will be amazing to keep on working on your projects consistently, but again, it does not mean it has to happen every single day. You might be willing to adopt a different plan suiting your life and create according to it.

Art is only for the most talented

Unfortunately, many people feel they are not as good enough as the most prominent authors of the modern world and it gives them an idea they should not write at all as there is simply no sense.

This is a very harmful attitude to art based on a mixture of perfectionism and false perception of art. On the one hand, we lack confidence and believe we will never reach the level of other writers. On the other hand, we tend to separate some deep classical literature from the one that is more comprehensible for the majority of people and as a result, we believe the second one is a way worse than the first one that is true art.

Even if you end up creating art for masses, you still have a chance to become one of the most beloved writers of the contemporary literature. After all, popular art has a way more fans and enthusiasts than very deep and exclusive literature which simply is not thus easy to percept, especially when a person is caught up in one’s daily routine is looking for an opportunity to entertain oneself with art and have a rest rather than get into severe thinking process. Such art requires a lot of energy and time to be appreciated better and most of us just do not have such resources. That is why popular art is so popular.