Most Popular Psychological Novels

Most Popular Psychological Novels

People’s most unreasonable or unconventional behavior, thoughts or terms of attitude towards life can be a fascinating subject to study. According to literature, many psychological novels are available to help you delve yourself into the inner world and way of thinking of eccentric characters.

As well as the author’s name and the book’s publication date, these most popular psychological books are listed. Use this list to find a book you haven’t read yet and insert them into your reading list.

Best Psychological Novels

Book Name: The One Good Thing

Kevin Alan Milne

Nathan Steen, a good and friendly guy, is the focus of the storey. To help him remember to follow the Golden Rule, Nathan places six small stones throughout his pocket each morning. He moves one stone from one pocket to the next with each act of kindness. The unbelievable storey of sorrow, compassion, prettiness and inspiration rolled into one.

Book Name: The Social Animal

Author: Book by David Brooks

A most thorough analysis of social psychology ever written due to the apparent high demand for this book, Amazon’s prices are frequently outrageous. Elliot Aronson’s classic provides an in-depth, engaging, and well-written overall view of psychological research that is hard to find elsewhere. If you can get your hands on it, it’s a must-read. I think it’s the best summary of social psychology 101 ever published.

Book Name: The Innocent

Author: Ian McEwan

While the Cold War was raging in Berlin’s western and eastern sectors, the story takes place in the city’s western sector. Leo Marham (The Innocent), a young Englishman sent to Berlin to dig under the Berlin Wall and tap into Russian phone lines, plays Leonard Marham. Der Author schildert mit wit und aplomb die Lebensbedingungen, the hardships, and the psychological response of people in comment Berlin. While it’s simultaneously a detective story, a horror film, and a historical drama, it’s also a love story.

Book Name: The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

Author: Jan-Philipp Sendker

Mysteriously and inexplicably disappearing from the scene is Julia’s dad, leaving behind her mother and two young children. A successful lawyer as well as a loving father, Mr Win’s past is unknown to most people. Her father’s homeland of Burma is her only hope, and Julia decides to travel there to find out more about her father’s past. An exquisite world of real love, empathy, pleasure and great values is revealed to her in this new world of discovery.

Book Name: The Collector

Author: John Fowles

In his debut novel, The Collector, Fowles creates the first psychological thriller in history. Initial impressions are that this is an ordinary thriller with a dependable plot. Still, once you get the hang of it, you’re confronted with a complex storey with thousands of subtexts and well-developed characters.

Book Name: Thinking, Fast and Slow

Author: Daniel Kahneman

One of my all-time favourites. Let me say that this book is fantastic and that you should read it!

Dan Kahneman’s masterpiece is one of the few behavioural research books covering such a wide range of topics. Also, a Nobel Prize winner in economics, Mr Kahneman’s many examples in the book bear this out.