Most Popular Writers Of The 21st Century

As you’re aware, we’re somewhat obsessed with books here. It only seems honest to look back at all the fantastic books published in the past 21 years and recognize the best in the world from the 21st century.

It only seems honest to look back at all the amazing books published in the past 21 years and recognize the best in the world from the 21st century.

Greatest Writers Of The 21st Century

Popular books from the last 20 years are nearly impossible to highlight, but we did our best. All in all, here’s our selection of the top books we’ve read in the past 21 years. Learn more about the best authors of the 21st century. These are the greatest writers of our time.

  1. Writer Name: Anthony Doerr

Books Name: All the Light We Cannot See

It won the Pulitzer Prize, spent more than two years on the New York Times bestseller list, and was a winner and for National Book Award. Anthony Doerr, Is there a reason for this? World War II is the backdrop for this harrowing novel about how people try to be good to one another despite all odds.

2. Writer Name: Jesmyn Ward

Book Name: Sing, Unburied, Sing

Wenn Sie Jesmyn Ward never read; you are seriously missing out. It’s destined to become a classic. She’s won the National Book Award twice, once for Salvage the Body parts and once for Unburied Sing, Sing. An intergenerational family on a trip through rural Mississippi – it’s a majestic, moving story. Throughout the book, struggle, hope, and love all play an essential role.

3. Writer Name: Fredrik Backman

Book Name: A Man Called Ove

Off the Shelf wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Fredrik Backman. This is because we adore him. Heartfelt stories, Beautiful about community, and people’s ability to influence each other’s lives are his specialty, and this is no exception. Unbeknownst to him, Ove is a sad man. When the young couple and their own daughters move next door, unexpected friendships develop, and lives are forever changed. Fredrik Backman was introduced to us in this book, and we’ll never forget that.

4. Writer Name: Stephen King

Book Name: On Writing

Stephen King is a favorite of our ed board if you’ve been here before. Fans, writers, and everyone who loves a beautiful story well told will find On Writing empowering and entertaining.

5. Writer Name: Aravind Adiga

Book Name: The White Tiger

In a darkly comic debut novel, a Bangalore cabbie navigates his way through corruption, poverty, and the modern world’s caste society, navigating through poverty and corruption. It is a work of literary genius, full of mischief and personality, and won the Booker Prize. It’s only absolutely correct that we recognize his natural ability as well as the book that blew us away.

If you believe we’ve missed something, now let us know in the comment section — but if you’ve read one among our favorites, let us know what you thought.