Physical Books Are Better Than eBooks

Physical Books Are Better Than eBooks

A long time ago, I was a person who just read e-book versions of books. In my Kindle Oasis, I always talked about how people can carry their entire library around. This article is for you if you are a fan of physical books. Readers may be returning to traditional books for various reasons, which we will examine in this article. We discuss the top seven reasons about Physical Books Are Better than eBooks

Why Physical Books Are Better Than eBooks

Not any more, unfortunately. In the last few years, I’ve developed the habit of hanging out in used bookstores with arms full of books. People who told me that physical books were preferable are starting to make sense to me.

A book is a recollection

Investing time and energy into a novel or story each time you read one create pleasant memories. A worn-out copy of “Of Mice and Men” might bring back memories of English class. Another example is the wine-staining on your bookshelf from your European gap-year trip. Each book has its own memory, and a tablet is just a tablet.

Readers will find it more enjoyable

The pages of a printed book are nice and soft, making reading a printed book a pleasant experience. An e-book, on the other hand, is more clinical and can be compared to using an ATM machine in some ways. When we get home from work, the last thing we want to do is stare at some other screen with text on it.

A Better Way to Stay Ahead of the Action

As the Guardian reported, readers who read the same book on paper retained more information than those who read the same book on an e-reader. Since the plots and twists of traditional books could be followed, readers of printed textbooks could get more enjoyment from them.

Life expectancy increases

As a result, you might think that your tablet is more durable and less likely to be destroyed than your paper book. If you take good care of it, how many people can say that their iPads or Kindles have lasted more than five years? However, a book that you have purchased is yours for the rest of your life! Unlikely that the gadgets of twenty years from now will work with the format of your e-book today!


Even though it may seem strange, physical books are a form of theft-proof. A book left on the front seat of your vehicle or in a public place is sure to be there once you get back to your car or home. Your iPad or Kindle will probably not behave in the same way.

Taking pleasure in books as a community

It’s easy to share traditional printed books. If we’ve enjoyed a story, we’ll tell our friends; you’ve got to read this. A print book, on the other hand, can be given to them to read. It’s not as simple as sending an email when it comes to sharing an e-book, as you must first navigates an electronic minefield of protections and agreements.

It’s better for your health

E-books are less healthy for your health than print books in studies. However, two main factors account for this. Reading late at night while using an e-reader emits a light that has been shown to hurt sleep. It is also best for your mental health to read a physical book than an e-book because you will feel more accomplished and satisfied after finishing a physical book.