Does creating art always have to be pleasurable?

Art might seem to be a real blessing to many people, especially to those who themselves have never been seriously in creating anything on their own.

Indeed, you can come across so many expressions of the most prominent writers about the extreme pleasure one gets while creating. This make you believe art has to be particularly pleasurable. Otherwise, there is no sense in working on it at all. Let’s see whether such a belief is true.

Is art really always pleasurable?

First of all, many people who love creating art as amateurs are not always aware of the fact there are enough artists who actually reach out to art once they feel depressed. This is not any universal truth, yet, this happens to many artists. It is rather difficult to tell whether these people feel the same joy of creation as those who are working on their art without being depressed.

In any case, it is wonderful if a person is capable of transferring the stuck energy of being depressed into any form of art. This certainly helps a person to release all of those emotions and, at the same time to create something special with the genuine inspiration.

There is also another implication of such a belief. Actually, almost any prominent author has faced a situation when it was rather difficult for him or her to write no matter how serious this person is about one’s writing routine. This just happens to people as we all have a right to go through different emotional states and it is impossible for us to stay extremely productive all the time Sometimes, writers can go through serious depressions when they actually cannot create any art at all.

Why is it dangerous to have such an attitude to art?

If you are an amateur writer or you are a working as a journalist or content writer who has to create texts on a regular basis and with a certain frequency, it will be obvious to you, it is rather difficult to keep on the same writing pace all the time and your writing experience will not be equally pleasurable all the time. Still, it is not a reason to refuse from this career or hobby, as such crises are inevitable. It is dangerous to expect your favourite activity or work to be enjoyable all the time and if you adopt such a thinking pattern, you can become too frustrated with your job or hobby and refuse from doing it anymore. unfortunately, the situation can repeat with anything else you will be doing in the future. This is just inevitable.

As you can see, it is serious, however, such a false belief can have even more massive implication on your life. You have certainly heard about at least a single artist who has committed suicide after a struggle with depression caused by a crises of creativity. These people usually felt a lot of pain by suddenly ceasing feeling fulfilment coming with their creative work. Needless to say, since the process of creation used to be highly enjoyable to them, this can be a real shock to lose this feeling and not being able to get it back.

For that reason, it is extremely important to realise one already has everything for life on earth no matter how much we earn, how great our partners, families and friends are and how creative and talented we are. When we define ourselves through these attributes, our happiness will always depend on them. Indeed, it can be extremely difficult to resign from such a way of perceiving the world. Still, after a lot of internal work you will be able to break the connection and become independent in your life free of such self-descriptions.