Is art only for the most talented?

In our previous articles, we have already discussed the problems that can be caused by perfectionism in art. Indeed, to some degree, perfectionism can make create a lot of disruptions in creativity and not allow you to develop your art at all.

In this article, we are going to explore another common problem caused by perfectionism in art. It is a popular belief there is no sense in creating any art since it is obvious you will never become a prominent artist.

Where does this belief come from?

As it has already been noticed, perfectionism is playing a key role in this weird belief. First of all, there are many people lacking confidence even among the most talented and reputable artists. If they indeed allowed their perfectionism to stop them from creating at the beginning of their careers, we would now be deprived of a variety of amazing artworks whether they are books, paintings, sculptures or music. You cannot know exactly whether your next work will become prominent or not without finishing it first.

At the same time, there is too much classification in art. We can clearly see the distinction between classical art and the one that is dedicated to mass public. Needless to say, we ourselves tend to criticise art too much which makes us in turn believe whatever is appreciated by regular publicity is of a lower quality.

Any art has a right to exist

Again, you have no idea what will happen in the future and you cannot rule the probability of becoming one of the classical writers yourself one day. At the same time, becoming less critical of other people and their tastes, you will also be able to live along with yourself better. As a result you will see, that the popular art so widespread today is appreciated by a way more people than something truly deep and thought provoking.

Pop music, love stories and simple criminals are what the majority of us will reach out once we feel down or tired after a hard day at work. While such work do not make us strain our mind too much, we are opened to perception and are able to escape from the daily reality better getting absorbed by such art. Millions of people around the world find a lot of joy in such works and, even if you fail to become one of the most prominent writers of the modern time, you can still make a great number of people happy with your creativity and you will still be remembered as one of the most favourite authors of many generations. Isn’t it worth trying?