Great alternatives to Google Docs

Google Docs is an extremely popular online service which is commonly used for editing texts by a group of users. Yet, this is not the only programme of this type. if you want to know about more similar tools, this article will provide you with useful options.

Word Online

If you are using a desktop version of Word at work or the mean of communication with your co-workers is Skype, you should pay attention to Word Online as this text editor can be integrated with all of the services offered by Microsoft.

Actually, Word Online is the most popular alternative to Google Docs. This service will allow you to use all of the basic options built into the offline version of Word. It is also simple for using if you are an experienced user of regular Word as its layout is also very similar to the offline version of the programme.

In order to work on the same document together, other people will need to use their Microsoft accounts. Saving the file on OneDrive and sharing the access with other users will allow you to cooperate with others while editing this file.

Documents Quip

You might have already come across Quip which is a multifunctional service for online work. Documents Quip is a part of the service which is perfect for people who need a shared working space which will have not only a shared file for current work but also folders and lists of tasks. In addition to it, Documents Quip has its own chat built into the text editor itself. This is more convenient than overloading the text with a large amount of comments any time you want to share some information or ideas with other people working on the text. There is also a journal of changes where you will be able to find all of the editing made by other people.

With the help of Documents Quip, you will also have an opportunity to set individual privileges and access to particular functions for working with the text.

Moreover, Documents Quip has its mobile version as well as an offline mode. Once you get access to the Internet, the document will be actualised.

Zoho Writer

Zoho is an entire cloud platform with various services. One of them is Zoho Wroter which is an online text editor with a bonus of 5 GB of memory which can be used for storing various types of documents as well as entire folders.

Zoho Writer is particularly good for anyone who is looking for a text editor with plain interface which will not take distract you from working on the text itself. The entire menu with functions of this programme are located on the side panel which is visible only if a special button is pressed.

In order to grant access to the text, you will need to send a special link to the email address of the person with whom you would like to work on the text together. Zoho Writer supports export and import of all of the most common types of files. You can also use instant publishing online with this service.