How to write trustworthy articles?

If you are a copywriter, your task is retelling the information published in other articles in a captivating and authentic way. Sometimes, copywriters forget simple rules which are necessary for creating trustworthy articles of a high value which results in a poor reputation of the websites and blogs where this information is shared and are generally reducing the quality of the articles published on the Internet.

In this article, you will find useful suggestions on keeping the quality of your material high.

Remember to mention the information about sources of your article

One of the crucial things which are making information trustworthy is mentioning the sources in your article. For example, when you are writing an article of the popular-science genre, no matter how simplified is the language used in it, it should still mention the source of information. If instead of reading about the particular individuals or teams who made a discovery or conducted a research, a person will just find some rather generalised information about the researchers without mentioning their names or the place where they are working, it will give a hint to the reader that the information might not be real in the first place. Even if you retell the information in an accurate way without mentioning such crucial information, it will make an impression of untrustworthy material.

Avoid too emotional language

If you want your readers to see your articles as a reliable source of information, they cannot be overfilled with emotional expressions. As you can imagine, such an approach is leading to creating a particular impression rather than sharing facts. Some people might even feel as if someone is trying to manipulate them with their articles. Absolutely avoid any language which makes your reader get frightened, panicked or raises anger.

Another important thing is to mention several opinions on the same topic. Even if one of them is the most reliable, your reader still needs a chance to compare them and make one’s own conclusions on the topic. Otherwise, it will be obvious you yourself are sympathising with a particular idea and are trying to present it as the truth.

Be careful about the initial information used for your articles

Of course, if you are a copywriter, you have to deal with material on various topics while you cannot be a specialist in all of them. For that reason, it might be rather difficult for you to understand if an article you would like use for your own one is trustworthy itself. For that reason, you should check the information you would like to retell to your readers.

Make sure it is coming from a reliable source and it is not biased. Check whether this information itself has any links to real researchers, witnesses of an event or people who announced the news. Look for their names on the Internet to make sure these people are real. Pay close attention to the photos used with the article as they can easily turn out to be fake themselves.

Some photos are just taken from image stocks whereas in the case of other people are editing them in a way to reinforce the effect created by the article. In addition to it, you should be very careful even about the real photos depicting the event as sometimes they are taken in such a way as to create a special effect deceiving people who were not present in the place where it was happening. For example, it is possible to make a photo of a demonstration which will present thousands of people outside and it is also possible to make the photo of the same event creating an impression there were less than a hundred of participants. This does not require any editing at all.

Finally, you should be careful about the information shared during particular day such as April Fool’s Day as even some reliable information platforms might publish some fake news as a joke.