How to make your working day more productive if you are a writer?

You certainly know writing remotely comes not only with advantages but also with a range of issues which you need to solve as soon as possible otherwise your working day will be rather unproductive and unsatisfying. It is particularly important to solve such problems if you are a writer working remotely and especially, in case you are working on a freelance basis getting your payment for finishing a particular task rather than the number of hours spent on work. This means that having an unproductive day will take your money and will also steal your time which you will anyway have to spend on your projects afterwards, for example, at night or during the weekend.

This article will help you with such issues.

Create your working space

People who have never worked remotely might feel like this is an incredible experience of working on tasks right in their bed or in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it does not work like this in practice. In fact, there are so many things which can distract you from work and, at the same time, your brain is already trained with the idea you are at home and it is time to relax, so all you want to do is possibly turning on your favourite TV series and have a cup of tea. In such an environment it is not difficult to forget even about your deadlines.

For that reason, it is absolutely crucial to create a special working space where you will immediately feel at work. Keep this place in order, make it light enough for comfort work and, it will also be very useful to invest in a convenient armchair.

This can be tricky for people living in a one-room flat, however, it is still possible to create a working zone for example by using a folding screen.

As you can imagine, having a separate working space will allow you more easily switch to a working mode even though you are home. At the same time, you will not have to waste your time on carrying all of the things you need for work around your house.

Set working hours

Another essential thing is to set working hours for your day. If you are a parent who takes children to a kindergarten or school before starting a workday, it might be easier for you to set such hours for the time when children are not at home. Yet, for the people who do not have children at home, this can be rather challenging. This is true particularly for freelance writers who do not have make hundreds of calls to their co-workers while they are still at work. This means that such people are risking to stretch their working day to the point when they have to finish their tasks at night or even during a weekend.

Start getting up at the same time and keep a plan of your working hours so that you will avoid any distractions during this time. Of course, constant working hours will also allow you to understand the time when you finally can relax. When your working day is finished, you can turn off all of the messengers related to your work so that you will real time off.

Do not work too long

While some workers have a problem with having their work done, others tend to spend too much time on work. Certainly, it is also particularly true in the case of freelance writers who can earn more by completing more projects. Unfortunately, in the reality productivity drops severely if a person is working more than fifty hours during a week.

For better productivity, rest is essential. It is better to set a strict plan of all your projects with deadlines and work according to it. At the same time, do not forget about making breaks which will help your brain to have some rest from the tasks you have been working on. Pay your attention to the ned to spend this time in the way which allow you to really have a rest rather than wasting it on scrolling social works. Reading news is also not a good idea especially for writers who are already suffering from extreme concentration on their projects.