The best free tools for text editing

If you are working with texts a lot, you might be wondering what free options are available out there which have the sufficient functionality for your tasks. There are indeed some great programmes which can be used for working with texts absolutely free of charge. This article will provide you with the best ideas currently available on the market which can be used on different platforms and operational systems.

Google Docs

Google Docs is probably the most well-known app of such a kind and it very common since the programme is compatible with both iOS and Android. In case you are looking for an option which will be available for work on your desktop computer, you should pay your attention to the fact Google Docs can also be used directly from your browser, so its usability is not limited exclusively to portable devices.

This app is very advanced and has its interface available in many languages, so you will be able to find the one which you need in case you would like to have the app being translated in a language other than English.

Note the amazing functionality of this app. First of all, Google Docs supports voice input which make this app extremely convenient for usage. With its help you can also create bookmarks, reach the mode of recommendations which is highly useful if you are going to collaborate with others while working with your texts. In addition to it, the app will save your texts automatically and offer you a history of all of the changes made in a document. Finally, the texts you are going to work with through Google Docs will also be synchronised.

By the way, Google Docs will also provide you with an extra function for the search of the meaning for a particular word right through the interface of the app without a need to reach to another window of your browser. This is certainly a very convenient option.

Do not worry if you would like to use this app on your desktop computer and you are not sure about being able to have constant access to the Internet. This is not required for work with the app through your browser. Instead of reaching the platform on its website, you can install a special extension available for Google Chrome and it will be working without any access to the Internet.

LibreOffice Writer

In case you are looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Word or you need a good text editor for Linux, you should pay your attention to LibreOffice Writer. This programme is one of the most popular text editors other than Microsoft Word used today and apart from Linux, it is also compatible with macOS and Windows.

LibreOffice Writer will resemble you of Word quite a lot, however, it also has some of its own functionality. For instance, with its help, you will be able to publish your documents online after exporting them with the HTML extension. This programme also supports a variety for all possible text extensions used today.

Other functions worth mentioning are great styles which can be used for text design especially if you are working with some forms of texts other than simple articles or other typical documents. You might also like the function which will offer you various automatically generated options for finishing your documents. With the help of LibreOffice Writer, you will also be able to create contents of your document automatically.

By the way, LibreOffice Writer does not have to be necessarily installed on your computer as it also has a portable version allowing you to run the editor directly from your flash drive.


Another completely free text editor with immense compatibility with various platforms and operational systems is Symplenote. You can use this programme on your device working with Linux or install it on your Windows computer or any portable device working on iOS or Android. In addition to it, this programme can also be used directly from your browser.

Simplenote is a particularly great app when it comes to creating notes and sharing them with other people. The interface of Simplenote might look minimalistic, however, this does not mean it does not have many functions. such a design has been chosen by the developers of this programme with a view of making it easier for its users to focus on writing. Furthermore, you can choose an even more minimalistic mode of the programme called by the developers of Simplenote as a “concentrated” mode.

Simplenote supports Markdown and allows you to make a convenient choice with tags as well as to create bookmarks. The programme offers immediate synchronisation with all of your devices using it.