Top text editors available with subscription

Even though the market is filled with nice options for working with texts which are available to the users absolutely free of charge, you might be looking for something very special and are ready and are ready to purchase such a programme or an app. Undeniably, when it comes to the programmes which can be used with subscription, you need more time for making your choice. In order to make this task less challenging, we are providing you with this article which comprises and describes the top apps and programmes available for payment which will provide you with the bets functionality.

Note that some of these programmes also have free versions, so it might happen that the free functionality will still be enough for you.

Microsoft Word

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Microsoft Word does not require any introduction and you have had a chance to use this world-known text editor. Still, you might not be aware of several things about Microsoft Word.

First of all, modern Microsoft Word can be used not only directly on your Windows platform but also on the devices working on iOS, Android as well as macOS. On top of that, there is also a browser version of Microsoft Word which might be found more appealing by many people.

Another fact about Microsoft Word you should know is that this app is not necessarily paid. Actually, there is a free version while it also has a paid version available on the subscription basis. The costs of such a subscription are 70 USD a year. You can access a great variety of features of Microsoft Word completely for free through the official website of the editor.

If you are wondering what are the features of this famous programme making it a particularly good choice, we are going to describe to the in details.

One of the most outstanding functions of Microsoft Word is a great collection of ready-to-use templates and patterns which can be used for creating not only standard text documents but also a variety of other forms of documents for instance cards, letters and even catalogues. Undeniably, this is making the work with such a programme very useful depending on your personal needs.

Microsoft Word is also well-known for its convenient interface allowing you to work with several windows at a time and manage various links inside a document. Moreover, with this programme, you will be able to work directly with the creation of images right inside your text document. Furthermore, the editor also has a convenient search tool for exploring the orthographic mistakes as well as a special online guide. Finally, Microsoft Word is also known for a wide range of extensions you can use for saving your text.


In case you are looking for a professional programme which will allow you to work with pretty large projects such as, for instance, an entire book or a scenario, you might be interested in trying the functionality of the Ulysses programme. Pay your attention to the fact it is available exclusively for the users of iOS or macOS.

Ulysses has a large variety of functions such as the Markdown support or a possibility to create a structure of the projects using various texts and even folders. In addition to it, there is a great function designed specifically for increasing your productivity which will set an aim for an amount of words you should create per day. This can be very helpful for not missing the deadlines in case you are working on your projects professionally.

Even though Ulysses has such wide functionality, this programme is has a very user-friendly interface so you will not have any problems while using it.


In fact, Bear is a free programme, however, you can unlock all of its functions for 15 USD per month. You can use Bear on your macOS computer or install it on your iOS device.

The major functionality of Bear is about managing and editing notes, however, you can easily use it for working with greater texts. The editors has Markdown support and it will also provide you with an advanced editing set of tools.

This programme is particularly easy to navigate as it has a very sophisticated interface. For instance, there is a side panel where you can fix frequently used documents. There is also a function for tagging texts and creating internal links which will make the navigation around the programme even easier.

In case you are wondering what is the extra functionality available to the users after paying 15 USD. This price includes additional styles, more options for exporting files and also synchronisation for iPads, iPhones as well as Mac computers.