Is your working day stretching to eternity?

In the majority of cases, especially recently due to the pandemics, writers are working remotely. Whether you are a creative writer working on your own fiction, a scientific writer making serious research for your book or you are a copywriter, in all likelihood, you are facing rather common problems for other people working at home. One of the most unpleasant and at the same time, serious problems of working as a remote write is not being able to plan a working day properly. This article will help you to address this issue and make the most of your working day.

Why the flexibility of a remote job can make it hard to work?

One of the major problems writers are facing is poor organisation of their working day. On the one hand, some employers believe a remote job means an employee has to be ready to solve any task at any time of a day. On the other hand, some workers are not using the flexibility they are given in a proper way.

Being a writer working remotely makes you even more prone to poor organisation of your time as, in all likelihood, you are not getting such urgent tasks as other workers which require contacting other people during working hours. This means that you can actually work on your projects whenever you want which is certainly great, albeit, it also requires a strong willpower from you. Otherwise you are risking to spend an entire day ineffectively and start your work late at night.

Note that overworking is especially inefficient. It has already been proved by scientists that working over fifty hours a week does not increase the productive. On the contrary, it worsens the results of your work.

What can you do to solve the problem?

Undeniably, what is needed for efficient working is discipline. Do not misuse your flexible working hours as it will only backfire. Wake up at the same hours and set your working hours for yourself on your own. It is important to enforce these rules for yourself as no one else will do it for you.

Set constant working hours

Planning your working hours means you will not only be busy with your work during this time but you will also limit any distractions not related to your projects during this time. During your working hours, do not waste your time on conversations and chatting with your family or friends who believe it does not cost you anything to spend an hour during the day talking to them. You certainly know this, especially if you a freelance writer, how much such an hour will cost you.

At the same time, once your working day is over, you should turn off any notifications related to your work not letting it stretch to your time off.

Increasing your productivity

If you can increase your productivity without working extra hours, it is crucial to set a proper plan of the current tasks and deadlines. This will be a way more efficient than working for twelve hours a day which is especially difficult for writers who have to be completely focused during their working process.

Make short breaks

Note it is also crucial to have some short breaks during your working day. Any writer knows how difficult it is to sit for hours without a break focused on writing. With time one’s concentration becomes rather poor and it is even impossible to write any more.

The best way to spend your short breaks between working sessions is some physical activity. Note, it is a way more profitable for your productivity than reading news which will still keep your mind busy rather than giving it a chance to have some rest. Undoubtedly, the worst way to spend your short break is by scrolling social networks.

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