Useful services for blog writers

If you have a blog or a website where you are posting your articles, you certainly want it to be attractive and unique. Of course, a lot depends on the content and topic of such a blog, however, its visual part is also crucial. One of the best ways to improve the appearance and readability of your articles adding them unique style is by choosing one of the beautiful fonts available online. In order to do it, you can refer to special services available to any user of the Internet.

Internet resources to get inspired

If you do not where to start, you might be useful for you to visit the Fonts in Use service which is a large collection of examples of successful usage of fonts by the top brands around the world. This service might help you to get some inspiration for improving the visual design of your own blog or website.

You might also be willing to know which fonts are used on particular websites. There is no need to search for them manually comparing various options. You can simply use a special font scanner such as Typoscan and you will find what you need to know.

Tools for creating font combinations

You might not be using just one single font on your website or blog. It is always good to combine font, however, the effect should be visually pleasing. In order to complete this task, you can use some of the Internet resources as well.

For example, check Font Combinations which will help you to create sets of fonts which go well together. Font joy will assist you in creating perfect font pairs.

Collections of ready-to-use fonts

It is possible to find amazing fonts available for usage online while a great variety of them is offered for free. If you are interested in using such resources, you should pay your attention to a gigantic collection of fonts known as 1001 Free Fonts. Yes, as you have noticed from the name of the service, the fonts are free here. Font Squirrel will also provide you with wonderful fonts free of charge.

Font Bundles include more complex options which are particularly goof for logos.

Finally, do not forget about the Google Fonts service which is offering a collection of the official fonts used by Google.

Creating absolutely unique fonts

If you are willing to use something absolutely one-of-a-type, it might be a good idea to try to create your own fonts. This is not thus difficult as you might think and a variety of online services will help you with this task.

Unlque is a great example of such a service. With its help, you will be able to create your own design of a font and download it on your computer for future usage.

Another tool for creating fonts is Birdfont. This tool will make it possible for you to create vector graphics and export it in a variety of formats such as SVG, OTF, TTF and EOT.

Font managing

In case you working with several blogs or websites and have to manage a collection of fonts, you might find such services as Fontbase handy.